Efren Martinez designer
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FlySafe — Stay in touch with your loved one's trip; streamlining the airport process for children, guardians, and new air travelers.

  • Project: American Airlines FlySafe
  • Team: Annie Xue, Jessie Chen, Kevin Zhang, Michael Yu
  • Roles: UI/UX
  • Award: MLH HackTX 2nd place

We were tasked with elevating the customer travel experience and/or boost the American brand image. When we found out the youngest age for travel is 5 years old, we were shocked. We decided that if infants are going to stroll themselves down international airports, they might as well do it safely. This tool helps ease the mind of parents or guardians when their children or other dependents are traveling alone by receiving updates on their child/dependents flight journey.

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Texas MSTC — Overhauling the masters program website to include proper user flows for their current and future students.

  • Project: Texas McCombs MSTC
  • Roles: Design research, UI/UX
  • Timeline: 10 weeks

We were to do a complete overhaul of the programs website to create more engagement and decrease the amount of confused questions that would be emailed in. There was no clear direction or organization with the original website. The updated website implements a clear organization hierarchy; showcasing the most relevant information first. The updated website also adheres more closely with the universities brand guidelines.

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ECHO — A venue and app allowing visitors to attend shows, discover new music and interact with people within the music community.

The city of Austin is known as the live musical capital but fewer people are seeking out these events. We explored a way in which to improve the process of discovering live music. Depending on your preferences, finding the ideal atmosphere for your desired music experience can be a challenge. creating a physical venue that can incorporate more than one music experience at a time would allow visitors to attend shows, discover new music and interact with people of similar or different musical interests. The app would facilitate interaction within the venue to enforce larger interactions amongst people.

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Chill — An app designed to create a habit of taking routine breaks in order to reduce daily stresses.

  • Project: Chill
  • Team: Jasmine Oh
  • Roles: Visual design
  • Timeline: 1 week

We focused on turning negative aspects of people’s daily lives into beneficial tasks through coercion and habit-forming. Our focus revolved around how modern lifestyles are getting more fast-paced than ever and statistics on adult anxiety / stress are on the rise. A clean and simple to use app displays the users current stress status, stress history, stress facts, and stress relieving activities. When paired with a smartwatch, the user receives notifications during high stress and recommends breaks.

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Texas Health Catalyst — Supporting innovative healthcare with an identity representing the different people moving through the program.

We created a cohesive and organized identity that would visually represent Texas Health Catalyst’s message as they continue to grow and expand as a program. The visual identity must exist in harmony with the Dell Medical School’s branding while still achieving the programs goals. We were tasked with creating an identity system, not a logo. The identity revolves around 7 icons that each signify a characteristic of Texas Health Catalyst. These icons are then enlarged and cropped in various ways against a color background. This method of simplicity allows for various methods of usage.

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Identities — Work of various identities in fields ranging from seed funding to hackathons.

  • Projects: Genesis, The Wine Nerd, Nicky Cumberland Classic, Datahack 2019, Soundwaves, Datahack 2018

Various organizations and events I had the pleasure of working with through my student-run design organization: Tandem Studios.